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Brutal Assault 2019: New camp area and parking

by Kastelan

The VIP CAMPS 1 & 2 are sold out for quite some time so organizers have been bombarded with requests to open a new VIP CAMP location. They’ve finally been able to get a new location and open it up for you.

VIP CAMP 3 will be again fenced off and guarded and will offer a grassy plane but also showers, washbowls, access to sanitation, water supply and space for camper vans.

VIP CAMP 3 also does offer variability you cannot get in CAMP 1 or CAMP 2. These are the options available:
– standard camping spots for tents
– TENT + CAR combo, with this option you can park directly besides your tent (very limited capacity)
– CAR / TENT combo, here the tents are set-up across the street, within visual distance from the designated parking spots
– van or camper parking
– motorcycle parking

There’s probably no need to mention that the overall capacity of CAMP 3 is limited, we have space for some 150 vehicles (including campers and motorcycles).

CAMP 3 is located by the Elbe river in a totally calm part of town. The camping ground is set on a well-kept plain meadow away from the buzzing festival grounds and its nearest vicinity and lays closer to the railway station. The distance from CAMP 3 to the main festival gate takes around 15 minutes of walking to cover. The route runs through a nice tree avenue alongside the Metuje river on a well shaded bicycle path.

All the options above are listed either as parking in tickets section of the e-shop or you will find them under accommodation.

CAMP 3 is open from Tuesday noon till Sunday 11:00AM non-stop.

Brutal Assault

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