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Brutal Assault 2019: New bands update!

by Helen Vučić
Brutal Assault

The only predictable thing about Canadian cosmic-metal warriors Voivod is that they will forever be unpredictable. On the warpath for more than 35 years, Voivod have pushed their sound relentlessly forward, constructing imaginative musical realms with each endeavor. They literally changed the face of thrash metal in the ‘80s, forged new prog-metal ground in the ‘90s, and kept up with the changing times in the 2000s with fresh, inspired music. Now they’re back with a new album “The Wake”, which keeps pushing the limits!

Appearing in 2002, Violator was formed with the purpose of rescuing the spontaneity and anger that seemed forgotten in the metal scene. Coming from the center Brazil, Brasilia, Violator is one of the most intense South American bands. They will be joined by the masked Swedish crossover deviants Dr. Living Dead and the legendary veterans of Boston Hardcore scene Slapshot!

Ensiferum are the true greats of folk-inspired melodic death metal and with their latest output “Two Paths” they once more affirm their place in the pantheons of the genre.

Polish death machine Decapitated is back with a bang! Their new album “Anticult” highlights just how vital have remained two decades deep into their career. They have long been undeniable masters of the craft and they are expanding their parameters with this album, which should elevate the band’s profile beyond the death metal realm in which it has dominated for years. And speaking of technical death metal, of all the amazing technical death metal bands out there, very few can write memorable catchy songs with extreme technicality like French killers Gorod. Get ready for intelligent, deftly crafted flights of musicianship…that will rip your head off!

Sometimes, a band’s music registers just as seismically on an emotional wavelength as it does on a sonic spectrum. And one of those unique bands are Animals Aa Leaders, who reimagine, reinterpret, and refresh instrumental prog, experimental metal, modern jazz, alternative, and even world music to a point where the reaction becomes primal. Consistently delivering a captivating show, their show will surely be one of the musical highlights of the festival.

New York’s Car Bomb detonate a vicious blast of wildly technical and progressive modern metal. The Long Island quartet’s attack is relentless and suffocating: vicious jazz-inspired blasts shift into mechanistic, canyon-wide grooves. Schizophrenic, whisper-to-a-scream vocals seem to spiral out of control, only to snap back lock-step into the churning assault. Make sure to witness their debut!

Progressive Swedes Letters From The Colony had proven that they could marry various elements of death metal, metalcore and jazz into a complex hybrid and produce something strangely familiar yet truly original.

This list finishes with Chinese atmospheric black metal Zuriaake.

Among the bands confirmed so far are also: Alien Weaponry, Agnostic Front, Anaal Nathrakh, Anthrax, Batushka, Electric Wizard, Emperor, Godflesh, Gutalax, Heilung,  Hypocrisy , Meshuggah, MgŁa, Myrkur, Napalm Death,  Rotting Christ, Sacred Reich, Taake, Testament and many more!

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