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Brutal Assault 2019: Get your wristband early

by Kastelan

Fulfillment means the delivery of the festival wristband to your mailbox, so you can arrive with the wristband already swapped for your ticket and not having to wait in line to do it upon your arrival. Brutal Assault is a completely cashless festival and with the fulfillment service you can also top-up money on your wristband from the comfort of your home without any lines or stress on spot. With fulfillment you can arrive to the fest, go through the gate and get a beer straight away! 

Fulfillment costs only 5€ for your whole order – no matter the number of tickets in it. This applies to anyone who has already bought a ticket via our eshop or to anyone buying some of the e-tickets we still have left. All the new orders of collector’s design hard paper tickets will be automatically shipped with fulfillment with no extra shipping surcharge. Please notice we have last 9 % of all tickets!

How to order

The only way to order fulfillment is via the eshop. After logging into your customer account you will see the option to order fulfillment for every of your paid orders, that does contain a BA 2019 festival pass. The system will automatically add the corresponding number of wristbands to your order – this cannot be changed. If you don‘t have any festival pass orders yet, you will see the option to add fulfillment when adding a festival ticket to your basket. Again, the system will automatically assign fulfillment to every ticket in your order.

Delivery times

BA will start sending out the fulfillment orders in the first date of July. Every order will be sent via registered letter including online tracking of each package. We will also have a procedure in place for undelivered wristbands with no further costs to the customer. Standard delivery time is within 10 days in Europe and 2-3 weeks for shipping overseas.

Several thousand fans have used this service last year to their satisfaction and we hope even more of you will do so this year. Fulfillment saves you time in lines and stress with money in your pockets. Fulfillment allows you to arrive and immediately start to enjoy yourself without any hustle. We especially recommend this option to those of you arriving on Wednesday or for the Tuesday warm-up party!

Order now and don‘t wait in lines later!

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