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BREAK ME DOWN release new lyric video for THE POND

by Metal Jacket

With the lyric video for The Pond the band ends the cycle of the namesake LP released in late 2019.

In late February, Break Me Down announced a line-up change introducing, to their fans, Veronica as their new singer. Her peculiar bluesy-dark vocal dynamic gives the additional quid that the band was looking for the completion of the project.

The lyric video is a dedication to all the supporting people a band would be nothing without: the fans. 

Break Me Down will always be grateful to them and declare: “Thank you for all your support, love and explosive energy you show everyday. This new project is dedicated to all of you!”.

Veronica Driven, new singer of the band, says:

I have to admit I was terrified when I first joined the band, given the important history of the group, being accepted by their fanbase was the hardest thing for me! However, I soon discovered that my fears made no sense as the fans showed me right away love and support, on social media following my artist pages, during the shooting for this video and also off stage at my first live performance with the band. Smiles, hugs and handshakes from people I didn’t know, that welcomed me in this big family. The support and messages we have been receiving lately have only proved how much Break Me Down means to their fans. So, we decided to do this video picturing our fans as protagonists in order to thank them for always being there, not only in our good times, but also in the more difficult ones. They all did a great job, and we are so proud and thrilled! We can’t wait to know what you think about it!

Break Me Down are an Alternative Metal band from Milan, born in 2017. Their first EP Resilience was released in January 2018, with subsequent intense live activity that saw them playing in all of Italy, opening for international artists like: Crazy TownJoe Stump’s Tower of BabelVinnie More and Lacuna Coil. In October 2019, Break Me Down released the first LP titled The Pond, receiving very positive reviews from zines of the field.

The Pond:

1. Your Game
2. If You’re Brave
3. The Noose
4. Nightmare
5. Just Tonight
6. O.C.D.
7. New Hero
8. Goodbye
9. Look @ Me
10. Let It Burn
11. The Pond

The Pond is available on most digital streaming/download platforms worldwide, including Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Apple Music, Pandora, iHeartRadio, Deezer and Amazon Music.

For more information about Break Me Down, follow their social media profiles – FacebookInstagramSpotify – and be sure to also follow their YouTube page.

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