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New website and new Bandcamp Profile with full album streams

by Vjeran

Brazilian Progressive Metal giants MAESTRICK announced the launch of their new official website and a new Bandcamp Profile featuring full album streams of their complete discography.

MAESTRICK’s new official website is part of the promotional campaign of their latest full-length album “Espresso Della Vita: Solare”, released in 2018 via Marquee/Avalon.

The new website can be seen at this location (https://maestrickofficial.com/) and features information about the band discography, tour dates, photo gallery from live concerts and studio shots, and soon a store for exclusive merchandising sold directly from the band.

Listen the full album playlist at the player below:

Espresso Della Vita: Solare”, was produced by the renowned music producer Adair Daufembach, and is a conceptual album as a metaphor of life and the hours of a day as if it was a train travel.

MAESTRICK’s second full length album was highly acclaimed from the metal media worldwide, receiving high rating reviews and praises such as “A great work, indeed!” by Metal Temple, “is a rich album, bold, not only in concept, but also in musicianship”, by Gaveta de Bagunças, and “an album like that makes you want to compliment every day, and deserves all the acclamation as possible”, by Collectom Room, and many others news outlets.

The debut album “Unpuzzle!” and the EP as a tribute to essential progressive rock bands “Trick Side Of Some Songs”, are also available for free streaming on the band’s official YouTube Channel or Bandcamp Profile

Also listen “The Trick Side Of Some Songs” EP, featuring covers and versions of classics by Beatles, Yes, Pink Floyd, Queen, Rainbow and Jethro Tull:

MAESTRICK is currently working on the third full-length album, planned to be released in 2021, and will bring the other 12 hours of the “Espresso Della Vita” story.

Formed in 2004, in São José do Rio Preto (São Paulo, Brazil), MAESTRICK’s current line-up is Fabio Caldeira (vocals, piano and keyboards), Renato “Montanha” (bass and growls), and Heitor Matos (drums and percussion).

More information about the band can be found on the links below.

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