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Brazilian metal veterans pay tribute to Entombed with cover of “Out of Hand”

by Metal Jacket

A quartet of Brazilian metal veterans teamed up to celebrate Entombed, the Swedish death metal giant formed in the late 80s featuring the iconic singer L-G Petrov. The idea of ​​recording “Out of Hand“, originally released in “Wolverine Blues” back in 1993, came from guitarist Elizeu Hainzenreder (ex-Desolate Ways) in 2021, the same year Petrov died after a long battle with cancer.

The musician invited vocalist Eduardo “Clark” Monteiro (ex-A Sorrowful Dream, ex-Unmaker), bassist Fabrício Bertolozi (Dyingbreed, ex-Horror Chamber) and drummer Paulo Wilges (Mortal TouchAterro, ex-Baal Hamon). The production was handled by Roger “Earth” Fingle (Seduced by SuicideBlood Tears), who has been producing rock and metal bands for over twenty years.

“The idea came up in 2021, but being a perfectionist I only do something if I can fully dedicate myself, it ended up taking a little longer to happen”, commented Elizeu. He added, praising his colleagues: “Besides being amazing musicians, they are all my friends. Clark and I have known each other for many years. Desolate Ways and A Sorrowful Dream shared stages and buses several times. Fabrício is killing with Dyingbreed and Paulo recorded with Mortal Touch the album that I consider to be the best Brazilian death metal record. Roger Fingle doesn’t need any comments, just check his work.”

This cover marks the first recording in more than a decade by Elizeu Hainzenreder, after releasing “Eternal Dreams” (2003), “Tearful” (2007) and “Last Moons” (2009) with Desolate Ways, a band founded in 1998 and which was one of the great names of Brazilian gothic metal at the time. This is also a special moment for Eduardo “Clark”, who said: “The importance of Entombed for death metal is unquestionable, and Petrov’s vocals were the pillars of extreme singing in metal! Being able to honor it with this cover is very rewarding, especially at the invitation of a longtime friend like Elizeu.”

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