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Blessed By Perversion release Remnants Of Existence on December 25 2020

by Vjeran

Blessed By Perversion was created in mid 2010 inspired by death metal and extreme music.

The band released their first EP called ‘Destroy the Image of God’ in 2012. After many gigs and the addition of a new member, Blessed By Perversion was ready to record their first full length album ‘Between Roots And Darkness’ . This is an old school feeling death metal album with a lot of melodic parts. The album was released in 2016 via Razed Soul Productions and received great reviews from metal sites and magazines from around the world.

Now with a new drummer and with more consistency than ever, Blessed By Perversion is releasing a new masterpiece of pure death metal with old influences of American ( Deicide, Morbid Angel, Monstrosity ) and European ( Sinister, Obsecration or Soulskinner ) death metal creates “ Remnant Of Existence ” 6 songs of pure metal of death.

Band Members: 

Manolis Kouelo – Guitars (rhythm)
Kostas Foutris – Guitars (lead)
Andreas Moschopoulos – Vocals
Vaggelis Nanos – Bass
Vasilis Nanos – Drums
Release Date: December 25 2020
Limitation: 500 Copies digipack CD
Track list:
1. Descending To The Catacombs
2. Gallery Of Bones 04:18
3. Atonement Refused 04:27
4. Among The Tombs Absent Gods 03:23
5. Caverns Of Torture 05:12
6. Whithin Monumental Chaos 05:56

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