Home News Black Metal Mafia by Nasty Events at Močvara on September, 26

Black Metal Mafia by Nasty Events at Močvara on September, 26

by Helen Vučić
Infernal Execrator

Oh wow! Another black mass by the dedicated clerical circle of Nasty Events – this time they’re making it a real global party with bands from all around the world!

On Thursday, September 26th, head to Klub Močvara for your ears will be graced by the Infernal Execrator, a Black/Death legion from far-away Singapore.  This hell formation has been going strong since 2005, spreading blasphemy and despair wherever they tread. To get an idea of what kind of carnage awaits you, give their latest release “Ad Infinitum Satanic Adherent” a listen. They announce themselves with “Expect the barbaric unexpected!”

They’re bring along their friends from Germany, the Black metal legends Sacrilegious Rite, whom they’ve collaborated with despite their minor differences in style. Where Infernal Execrator delivers brutality, rage and death, Sacrilegious Rite complement it with a more spooky, grim atmosphere of rot and decay only old-school Black can fully convey. They have been Summoned From Beyond for our pleasure only.

Not skipping a local support either, for the first time ever we will have the chance to witness a fresh Black metal project from Zagreb, Croatia right here in our beloved Močvara (where bands are born). Their name is Sitis and we can hardly wait to see what they’ve prepared for us.

Do you want total war? Of course you do. The tickets will be sold at the entrance for a small donation of 50 kuna. Come and witness the full destructive potential of blackened death metal!

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