Home News Black Lion Records presents Wormlight’s sophomore album, Nightmother, due out on May 07th.

Black Lion Records presents Wormlight’s sophomore album, Nightmother, due out on May 07th.

by Natas Dog

Arisen in 2014 under the moniker Unhallowed, Wormlight hails from none other than the ancient seedbed of black metal, Sweden. The Umeå horde Unhallowed spawned two EPs — An Ancient Enemy and Bloodfields — before converting to Wormlight in 2015.

Having a transformed lineup, darker and modified lyrical path, and ameliorated sound, Wormlight re-released the Bloodfields EP in 2016, adding two bonus tracks. The year 2018 saw them moving onward as they unleashed the debut full-length, Wrath of the Wilds. Flourishing the ‘90s black metal fieriness, the meticulously structured songs on the album ensued a spiritual expedition to the nether realm.

The forthcoming album, Nightmother, evokes spirits from nine worlds, eleven spheres, and crooked angles, four alchemical conduit worlds, or the highest or lowest pantheon realms of sterile rivers and the accursed firebrand torn asunder by avian hellions — be it the origin of the golden Hellenic or the shimmering Aesir. The holy and unholy feminine will gather at a 54 minutes crossroad feast through 9 courses to subjugate their ravaged supplicants with an opus bereft the warmth of a womb, with an ageless affront towards all life, the torrid lusts of all the damned seeking adulation in the motherly embrace of the utmost darkness. For you, all this will be a bacchanal of matriarchal sovereignty, sublime and perverse infancy that will allow you all to know the mother(s) with a thousand names.
The goddess larvae of the black soil, come all ye seekers and ecstatic revelers!

All hail the witch-queen!
All hail the Nightmother!


– Lineup –
Tiamat Invictuz: Vocals/Guitars
Lator Mortis: Guitars
Lord Arktos: Bass
King Antichrist: Drums

– Others –
Music & Lyrics by Tiamat Invictuz.
Mixed & Mastered by Ronnie Björnström [EAP].
Artwork by Drowned Orange.

https://wormlightsweblacklion.bandcamp.com/album/nightmother (Digipak + Digital)
https://www.indiemerchstore.com/b/black-lion-records (Digipak)

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