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Black Lilium: Quarantine Story

by Ivona Bogner

In Corona Corner, we are asking musicians how the outbreak has effected them, how did they adapt to the situation, what did they learn. Maurice Scholz, guitarist of a German Progressive Melodic Metal band Black Lilium, shares with his vision about the madness around us.

Hi! How are you doing during corona outbreak?
Hey, we are doing fine. No one has been directly impacted by the virus besides financial insecurity and luckily numbers went down drastically in Germany.

What have you cancelled/postponed due coronavirus?
We were in planing for live gigs this year but everything is on pause for now.

How the global coronavirus pandemic is directly impacting bands?
The main source of income has basically stopped. It’s like getting banned from work without compensation. Here in Germany just now we can start rehearsing again.

How are you keeping your fans during this chaotic period?
We didn’t have the time to focus on anything band related given that it’s not our main source of income and everyone had to organize their personal lives first. Try to the people that have taken an interest to us. We’ll look what we can do in the future.

What will metal look like when we re-emerge from isolation?
Good question. I think the internet has become a big part of today’s metal scene so in that regard not much will change. The most important thing on the other hand are concerts and I can only guess what they’ll look like once they are allowed again.

There’ll definitely be regulations until there’s a vaccine. I think there’ll be heavy limits to the number of people allowed. Maybe masks will also be required.

Fact is there’ll be heavy demand for live events so it’s possible live streaming will play a big role in the future.

Who will suffer the most after all: musicians, organizers, promoters…
I think everyone is heavily impacted. Be it a musician or a promoter or someone else we are all part of the same thing and so if money stops coming in we all are in trouble.

What is your isolation soundtrack?
Scandroid, “The Light”.

Besides gigs, what/whom do you miss the most?
I really missed seeing friends during isolation. Luckily regulations have been lifted a lot so we can see each other again.

Do you have any rehearsals during quarantine? If yes, how do they look like?
We didn’t have rehearsals in almost 3 months but now we are planning on meeting again on the terms of regulation set by our government.

Thank you so much for your time. Stay safe!
Pleasures all mine. You stay safe, too!

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