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Beneath The Massacre release new single and video

by Ivona Bogner

Canadian tech-death force Beneath The Massacre is back!

On Friday they released the second single and video “Rise of the Fearmonger” of their upcoming Album “Fearmonger”. This track is a roar of frustration against populism and anti-intellectualism, two traits that are part of the political zeitgeist infecting minds around the world.

Chris Bradley (guitar) comments on the track:

We are proud to present you the opening track “Rise of the Fearmonger” from our upcoming album “Fearmonger” out on Century Media February 28th 2020. The track was the last one we wrote for the album and was written in a blink of an eye without barely being reworked contrarily to most of our songs. It has a raw energy that prepares the auditor well to the sonic assault that is “Fearmonger”. The video made by the talented Costin Chioreanu nicely represents the lyrical concept of the song; the rise of fearmongering, anti-intellectualism and the post-truth era we are witnessing nowadays.

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