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BelgraDeath Fest II has new announcement!

by Ivona Bogner

It’s time for the new announcement!

Belgradeath welcomes the Greek brutal grind death band Incineration – a real treat for the fans of Pyaemia and Disawoved. Expect to be hit with a barrage of blastbeats and brutal riffs on their first performance in Serbia.

Originating from the brutal pits of Greece, Incineration was formed back in 2004. After various lineup formations, they ended up recording their first full length on 2007, which succeeded their two demos of 2005 , “Into the Grotesque” (February 2005) and “Barbaric Invocation of Death” (August 2005).

Bound to brutal death metal, their full length entitled Blasphemous Theologies was released on March 2007. Raw and premature, with tons of blasting and a guttural-splatter lyrical content.

After several live shows, the band went on ice, as military obligations had to be fulfilled (army in Greece is obligatory for men).

Once the army was over and with a new solid line up, with Chris Dimopoulos on guitars and vocals, Nick Gotsis behind the drum kit and Stefanos Kokkalis on bass, they record 3 new tracks for a 4 way split cd along with Kreas, The Anal Treatment XXXperience and Necrorgasm. “Repulsive Deeds of Sodomy” was the title and it was released on December 2011.

Mid 2012 they enter the studio once again for their new atrocity with title “Disciples of the Garrotte”. Ten times more raw and aggressive than their first full length, their second full was released on June 2013!

Live shows and promotion followed until mid 2014.

Line up changes once again as Nick had to leave the band and got replaced by George Kanavaris.

Their latest piece of brutality came in late 2015. A 5 way split baring the title “Horrendous Forms of Human Ruination”, along with Paroxysmal Butchering, Abdicate, Goemagot and Catatonic Rigidity.

2016 finds them working on new tracks for their upcoming 3ed full length released  in March 2017.


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