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Belgium band DECLARED DEAD released 11st studio album

by Metal Jacket

Integument of Golden Luster is the eleventh full length album/release by the band Declared Dead. It features 8 tracks of “Blackened Progressive Death-Thrash”. A common bonding theme towards a loose concept behind the album title might simply be: “Corruption”. The band itself is responsible for all the music (producing, engineering, recording, mixing, mastering, etc.) and the artwork conveyance (though, the aforementioned duties are credited to fictitious entities just for the sake of further creativity for the band). Some things are in earnest – some things in jest.

Declared Dead began at the beginning of June 2014 (through the leadership of Anders Milovovich). After a demo was swiftly gathered and released, the first line-up parted ways and the second (more viable) line-up developed (which has remained consistent for close to eight years and counting). 
The current line-up is as follows:

  • Anders Milovovich: Vocals/Guitars
  • Dimitri Nagel III: Guitars
  • Deiter Cox: Bass
  • Mikhel Van Zaal: Drums/Keyboards

These Belgian metallers have also released the following works: “Subterranean Nightmare” (Demo), “Denounced and Defiled”, “Shiv”, “Revel in the Macabre”, “A Date with the Coroner”, “Blood Bender”, “Shambhala/Xibalba”, “Cosmic Plague”, “Way of the Reaper”, “The Devious Grotesque”, “Retirement Plan B”, “Of Stakes and Grisly Burdens”, “Kicking the Bucket – Live!”, as well as four instrumental versions of some of these later releases.


  1. With Unfettered Tread
  2. Fever Dream Ritual
  3. Decimation (Blood Tithe)
  4. Violence as Aphrodisiac
  5. Tonguing the Amputee
  6. Veiled in Flesh
  7. Fertile for Fungus
  8. Languishing in Ligature

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