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Become a part of the Metal Jacket team!!!

by Vjeran

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If you are a responsible person who wants to promote extreme music and to enjoy in it and meet your idols, then you are a person for us.

Metal Jacket team searches for associates/volunteers (reporters, reviewers, photographers, translators) from the region of Balkan but we are spreading across the world and we are open for cooperation with foreign associates who wants to promote their scene.  Also, we would like to write your articles on english and your mother tongue.

From future associates we desire responsibility and commitment in promoting music and the scene. We offer experience, potential for gaining knowledge and practice for further developing.

Metal Jacket also has a metal radio show Pila Naopako (Upside down Saw) so developing of the individual and his cooperation in the team can go on many levels.  Also, Metal Jacket Radio is in the works.

Here you can find video interviews which we have done with many musicians and text versions are on the web site.

For all information and  applications you can send here on info@metaljacketmagazine.com

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