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Baixo Calão releases music video “Esboroável”

by Vjeran

The Brazilian band Baixo Calão debuts the music video for the song “Esboroável”. The track is part of the band’s last album, released in 2020 by the label Xaninho Discos and brings all the energy of the Brazilian Grindcore.

“‘Esboroável‘, brought the anonymous we lost among so many tombs, as it is to face the symbiosis between the period when the lyrics were written / recorded (before the pandemic) and the pandemic period. That is, a mixture of Theory & Practice, and Satisfaction & Melancholy! Among so many losses, this clip perhaps symbolizes the most significant audiovisual work we have done”, explains the vocalist Leandro Porko.

At the end of 2020 Baixo Calão shared the video for “Pódio de Chegada”, a theme with the participation of João Gordo (Ratos de Porão).

Formed in mid-1996 in the city of Belém do Pará, Baixo Calão made a hardcore punk sound. The band’s first demo, from 2003 ‘Homo Postumus’, features more Crust-Grind rhythms. In the debut album ‘Atmo Mediokra’ (2012) the band was already doing Grindcore oldschool and won a European tour in July 2012, passing through eight countries, a tour that featured participation in the festival OBSCENE EXTREME FESTIVAL (2012) that takes place in Czech Republic, sharing the stage with bands like Yacopsae, Discharge, Nasum, Gutalax and Sakata.

After some changes in formation and releases in several European countries, Baixo Calão was invited to perform some shows in 2020, due to the pandemic some were canceled and others postponed. Then, the band focused on studio work during the pandemic, generating several new compositions, including participation in splits with bands from Latin America and the release of the single with the participation of João Gordo.

Baixo Calão continues to promote its new studio album, entitled ‘Necrológio’, which was released in LP format this year, available from Xaninho Discos.

Video producer and editor: Alexandre Nogueira
Audio Producer:  Marcos Saraiva and William Peixoto
Recording, mixing and mastering: William Peixoto and Marcos Saraira
Photography: Victor Peixe Fotografia


1. Necrológio
2. Marcha Luxuriante
3. Solipsista
4. Agitações No Sistea Límbico
5. Nada Poder
6. Esboroável
7. Insantidades
8. Perfunctório
9. Panóplias Contemporâneas
10. Oxímoros
11. Essencial Ignomínia
12. Otromismo
13. Aqui Jazz
14. Cadáver De Poeta
15. Animalia Dei
16. Césio 137
17. Epílogo
18. Datilocavando

Line up:

Leandro Porko (vocals)
Jardel Crudo (vocals)
Danilo Leitão (guitar)
Marcio Oldman (bass)
William Peixoto (Drums)

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