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Audio interview: Scaffold

by Srđan Radovanović

Scaffold is active since 1992 and is one of the first death metal bands in Serbia. Their longevity is very much a consequence of the indomitable spirit of the band’s founder and frontman, Ivica Dujić Dujke.

This iteration of Scaffold is a fairly new one, assembled only recently and on March 18th, they were supporting Russian thrash metal band Схоластика at Klub Fest in Zemun. The MJM crew was right in the middle of things, just before the show was about to kick off.

During our brief chat, Dujke shared with us his motivation, some of the fondest memories of his long career but also a glimpse of the band’s future plans. Being somewhat of a unique personality on the local metal scene, Dujke held nothing back and his insight on the state of metal in Serbia and worldwide is very interesting to hear. Check out the entire interview on the link below.

Scaffold & MJM crew


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