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Attila Vörös leaves Týr

by Ivona Bogner

Hungarian guitarist Attila Vörös who have joined Týr in 2018, leaves Faroese folk metal band.

Týr statement:

We have some sad news. Attila will no longer be playing with us. We wish him the best for the future. The search for a permanent replacement continues.

Attila comments:

While warmly welcoming 2020 I’m afraid I will have to share something little sad as well.
After touring with Týr for over a year now, we all came to the conclusion that we have not been able to find common ground neither for our vision for the band nor our musical style. This has led us to the final conclusion that the band and I will have to go our separate ways.
Making such a decision always has it’s downsides, especially if one has worked with people one really likes. Yet we all believe that this is for the better for both parties and that it was inevitable. On the bright side of it this gives a great chance to Týr for finding a perfect and permanent fit for the band. This also is a great opportunity for me to finally put out new material that has been waiting on the shelves for years now, as well as focusing on my own bands and projects a little more, which I couldn’t do while touring almost constantly the last 2-2,5 years with Sanctuary, Satyricon and then Týr.
Even though we’re now taking different paths on our musical journey I sincerely want to thank You for all the great and fun times and shows we had together. It is not time to say goodbye but instead to wish nothing but the best for my Viking mates of Týr. Heri, Gunnar and Tadeusz.
I’ll always hold this heathen hammer high in my heart!

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