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Atmospheric Prog-metal outfit Aeries launch ‘Gisma’ hot off tour with Jinjer

by Natas Dog

Hot off supporting Jinjer on the recent German leg of the Macro World tour, Cologne progressive metal quintet ÆRIES made a statement of intent by proving that anything is possible if you put your mind to it – and if safety precautions are in place. One of the very few bands to carry out a successful tour in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, ÆRIES are now here to stake their claim in the progressive metal scene as a new band to watch.

Fronted by Laura Kiddo, who is renowned as a brand ambassador for EMP Merch and has an impressive social media following, Aeries showcase a broad range of influences stemming from the likes of Monuments, Nina Simone, and Unprocessed. A driven and talented vocalist brandishing an array of vocal stylings from jazz to soul to death metal,  backed by groove laden riffs and a dynamic rhythm section, this is modern progressive music as its finest.

Following its’  livedebut at the Euroblast Live Streaming event last weekend, ÆRIES have now officially revealed the music video for new single ‘Gisma’, which Laura Kiddo implies is about her own personal journey. Now she gets to vocalise her experience to the world.

“I honestly feel like Gisma shows how much we’ve progressed musically and personally since the band first got together and how much we used the Corona-19 downtime to our advantage! We became better friends, better songwriters and we were able to focus on the music more. I won‘t go into much detail about what Gisma means lyrically but I will say that it is based on a true story – MY true story. It‘s about turning Negatives into Positives and pushing onwards …”
Laura Kiddo

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