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Atmospheric death/doom band APHONIC THRENODY release ‘The Great Hatred’

by Vjeran

Perhaps as an unplanned nod to the ominosity that looms over 2020, doom metal has featured pretty extensively on Transcending Obscurity Records’ list of releases this year.

And so, we heavily trudge through- this time with the pre-orders for the atmospheric death/doom band Aphonic Threnody‘s upcoming full-length album, The Great Hatred. The album is a 6-track gargantuan creation that promises to leave audiences serpentining through an hour’s-worth of richly-layered doom and death metal with its own fair share of unassuming unpredictability.

You can check out ‘Locura’ the first track from The Great Hatred on the Bandcamp AT THIS LINK.

Members of Towards Atlantis Lights, Dea Marica, Arrant Saudade and more collaborate to conjure up the finest kind of death/doom metal that encompasses the best qualities this style has to offer – stirring melodies, heaving riffs, immersive atmosphere, and some of the lowest, most anguished vocals possible alternating with lucid, spoken passages.

None of it is overbearing or lingers on for too long as the songs waft through the doom vacuum, making their presence felt and imperceptibly changing something inside the unsuspecting listener. Much happens during the course of the hour and Aphonic Threnody don’t follow a strict formula, leaving things open-ended and unpredictable as they keep changing things around without disrupting the emotional temperament.

The Great Hatred makes for an engaging listen and will make you come back to unravel its richly layered and elegantly intertwined compositions. It’s akin to living life all over again. And again. 

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