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Asylum release new album ‘Tyrannicide’ today

by Natas Dog

Brisbane Thrash metal titans Asylum have unleashed their bone shattering new album “Tyrannicide”, now available on all major platforms. Featuring thunderous drums, crushing riffs and menacing vocals, Asylum has unveiled the beginning of a few years of hard work, determination and dedication to their brand of thrash metal.

Lead Guitarist Rob Armstrong comments: “Since the beginning of Asylum our music has mostly been about current events and what’s going on in today’s world. While watching worldwide events, the way society interacts, and the overall state of humanity; we channeled our thoughts and feelings into 9 songs that depict the world as we see it. From tyrannical governments to sadistically corrupt organizations, ‘Tyrannicide’ makes a statement both musically and lyrically.”

Vocalist and Rhythm Guitarist Shane Robins adds: “From the onset of creating Tyrannicide, it pushed our musical abilities not only individually but as a band. We’re excited to finally unleash the album delivering complex riffs and killer artwork showcasing the new dynamic that is Asylum.”

“I’m really proud of the finished product we created in Tyrannicide. I feel like we’ve really honed our craft as individuals and as a self-produced band. The Instrument setups, Signal paths, and Recording Techniques used, combined with our continued work with Dan (Silent Underground Studio) for the Mix and Masters have made this album step up for the band and a pure unadulterated time capsule of Asylum and what fans can expect in the future.” says Drummer Levi Damiris about the release.

Shane Robins – Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
Rob Armstrong – Lead & Clean Guitar
Levi Damiris – Drums

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