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Ashine is releasing their new single Relinquished Existence

by Lukrecija Mesek

Last time we spoke to Ashine Nejc left us with:”Actually we are working on new materials. I don’t know how much I can say right now, but this album [Force of Nature] was just the beginning.”

So since than we were waiting and waiting to see what he was talking about. And now we finally can hear new materials.

Relinquished Existence is the Ashine’s first single since the release of
their latest album Force of Nature in December 2020.

When I first heard the new song I was pleasantly surprised. Introducing melodic parts in Relinquished Existence takes everything to new level. Vocals are beautifully blended into the melody it self. Every element is right where it supposed to be. From the slow intro on piano to the blasting sound of drums, and raging guitars. After focusing on trash metal genre, it’s nice to hear Ashine in experimenting with other genres.

This single will definitely end up in my library. Now we can relax, listen to the new Asine until they surprise us again with new materials to come.

Rock on guys!

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