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Ashen Epitaph split up!

by Ivona Bogner

Serbian metallers, Ashen Epitaph, decided to split up after 15 years of headbanging! Read official statement below:

Many of you have probably noticed that we’ve been quite inactive recently. Rumours have been circulating that we’ve thrown in the towel. Well, this rumour is true. 15 intense years after our first rehearsal… After about 200 concerts, a huge amount of travelling, shared experiences, parties, and fun (as well as setbacks), 3 full-length albums and 2 EPs; the band has decided to call its quits today, on our 15th official birthday.
15 years is a lot of time! We could say that we grew up together with the band, experiencing lots of good things and many unpleasant things as well – which now seem much funnier in retrospect. We played shows with big bands and even some of our personal heroes. We played at large festivals and small backwater towns. We visited places and met people who we couldn’t have met without music. Sometimes, we were welcomed as rockstars, and sometimes, we were left outdoors, freezing in -15 degrees with just half a bottle of liquor… countless experiences and memories. Unfortunately, this also entails that people become disenchanted, priorities change, and we cannot keep this thing alive the way we want to. We mulled over the entire deal, and we had to admit that it’s better to pull the pug on our creation, rather than letting it deteriorate or leaving it to chance…
We are immensely grateful for your support, and for all the people, bands, organizers, radios, magazines, studios all around the world, who helped us one way or another. We also wish to thank Miner Records and Grom Records, who helped us bring our two last albums to fruition.
But we are especially grateful for each other, the four of us, who together weathered though this eventful time often beset by difficulties, which has finally come to an end today.
Of course, our pages will still be available for the purpose of reminiscing about pictures and videos. We will probably upload our latest album “The Formed Filth Enigma” to Bandcamp soon, and fans can still buy the original CD version of the album from us.
You will surely hear from some of us in other musical projects later on, but this is the end of this story. Keep listening to our music, and it will stay around forever!
As beautiful as it was, every beautiful thing ends sooner or later..
ASHEN EPITAPH – Attila, Norbert, Mihajlo, Attila.

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