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ARTS AND KORAFTS/DYI bat wings for shoes

by Metal Jacket
Arts and KORAfts

We all like to wear various accessories and most often we put them around our necks, on our ears, bags or clothes. But we always forget about our shoes.

Some people can’t afford expensive alternative shoes and would like to have a particular model, while others would like to have something that they can simply take off or put back on the shoe, depending on the place they are going.

In this article I will show you how to easily make shoe decorations with bat wings.

So let’s start.

Step 1

Basic equipment you will need: Scissors, firmer material like leather, hot glue, paper, pencil, wire, hole puncher


Step 2

Draw the desired shape of the bat wing on a sheet of paper. If you don’t know how to draw wings, you can also print a picture from the internet.

After you have drawn a wing, cut it out.

Arts-and-KORAfts-2 Arts-and-KORAfts-3

Step 3

Place the bat wing on your material and decide where the perfect place for cutting is. Then turn your material, fold it and draw the edges all around the wing.

After that you can cut your material.

Arts-and-KORAfts-5 Arts-and-KORAfts-4
Arts-and-KORAfts-6 Arts-and-KORAfts-7

Step 4

Now you have both of your wings. For the better shape you will need to anchor the material. You will do it with the wire. Carefully cut the wire like it’s shown in the picture. These points will keep the wings upright.

After you have cut the wire, glue it to the matching places.

Arts-and-KORAfts-8 Arts-and-KORAfts-9 Arts-and-KORAfts-10

Step 5

Measure the exact distance of the holes on any shoe. The measurements are standard.

Mark the places for holes in the wings. There should be a minimum of three holes to keep the wings upright.

Cut the holes with a hole puncher. If you don’t have a hole puncher, you can use sharp scissors or a screwdriver and a hammer to punch a hole through the leather.

Arts-and-KORAfts-17 Arts-and-KORAfts-18

Now your shoe decorations are finished. Enjoy wearing them.


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