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Arts and KORAfts/DIY pentagram earrings

by Metal Jacket
Arts and KORAfts

Subcultures have always been a safe place for artists and creatives, both for musicians and for all other artists.

Nowadays it is easier to buy something than to think about how to craft or redesign an ordinary object to our taste. In this column I am going to write about how to easily craft alternative jewelry, home decorations, how to redesign clothing, bags and more.

There will be simpler and more complicated things, for advanced crafters and beginners. I hope that you will enjoy crafting things, or maybe my column will be an inspiration for your own ideas.

DIY pentagram earrings

Pentagram as a symbol is very well known in the alternative community. We see it on album covers, concerts, shirts, jewelry, etc.

The pentagram has a lot of meanings. It was used in Ancient Greece as a symbol for mathematics, witchcraft, occult and so on. But what is most important is that we love it and we choose which meaning is the most important to us.

When it comes to the metalhead’s aestethic, a pentagram can be all black, red with black edges, white, with visible or invisible interweaving.

The pentagram has been never perfect because we can’t divide the circle into five equal parts and it is hard to construct it. For me, that’s the beauty of the pentagram, it can appear perfect, but it is not. Just like all of us. 

I will show you how to create your own pentagram jewelry. This technique can also be used for creating a home decoration (as a hanging decoration for your window or wall), a pendant for your bag or keys or for a jacket zipper.

So let’s get started.

Step 1

You will need: super glue, hot glue gun (or soldering iron), thicker wire, thread, metal ring, buckles for earrings, pliers and any kind of paper.


Step 2

It is simpler to buy the wire which is packaged in a thread because in that case you already have the desired shape.

When you are cutting the wire, pay attention to where you are cutting it. It is better for the shape if the wire is a little bit longer than too short.


Step 3

Glue the wire with a hot glue gun or a soldering iron. If you are using the glue, when you connect those two endings, smoothen the glue with your fingers because it will look neater.


Step 4

After the hot glue cools down, spray it or paint it with the same colour as your wire.


Step 5

On a sheet of paper, mark the peaks of the pentagram and place your wire ring between those tags. I used a yellow crayon to mark the tags.

Arts-and-KORAfts-21 Arts-and-KORAfts-22

Step 6

Tie the thread to the wire (where the mark is) and secure it with super glue. Do not cut the thread but pull it towards the other mark, wrap the thread twice around the wire, secure it with super glue and repeat until all the marks are connected.

Arts-and-KORAfts-23 Arts-and-KORAfts-26
Arts-and-KORAfts-27 Arts-and-KORAfts-28

Without cutting the thread, repeat the connection of the marks until you get the desired thickness. Every now and then add glue to the joints.


Step 7

Using pliers, place the earring hook in the desired location (depending on whether you want the pentagram to be inverted or not). You now have your pentagram earrings.

Arts-and-KORAfts-30 Arts-and-KORAfts-31

Made by Koraljka Karabotić-Milovac  


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