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Arts and KORAfts

A few years ago the harness became the big trend among the alternatives. It comes in many shapes and materials, with chains and spikes. The best thing about harness is that it has an infinite abilities of shape, texture, design. You can completely customize it to your taste.

Initially harness was reserved only for BDSM, gay and alternative scene, but it is currently very popular and worn by many people who do not even know the history and the statement of this peace.

For some reason, harnesses and chokers can bring out a really strong reaction in a lot of people, even though chokers are really popular right now. From press around celebrities when they wear harness pieces, to even fashion show reviews, there can often be a negative spin on it. But, if you think back historically, high heels were once considered vulgar, so you never know how attitudes will change over time.

Sometimes it’s bad when mainstream fashion takes over the aesthetics of the alternative, but sometimes it’s easier for us because we can get it easier and we’re no longer the center of attention on the streets.

But let’s forget the fact that the first neighbor, who until a year ago was horrified by some of our clothing combinations, now proudly wears the same thing. Let us turn to ourselves and to what we have always loved.

I will show you an easy way to make your own harness, and when you understand the technique there will no longer be a limit that will be able to stop you from finally making exactly what you always wanted to have.

So let’s star

Step 1

Basic equipment you will need: Scissors, hot glue, thicker elastic band, wire and pins.


Step 2

If you have a dummy, cut the elastic band to the length you need and attach it to the doll with pins. If you don’t have a dummy, cut the band by stripes towards your own body and connect it with pins at the place where the two strips intersect.

Arts-and-KORAfts-3 Arts-and-KORAfts-4

Make sure that you have an extra of elastic band left at the places where the band crosses, you are going to sew the band at those spots. If you don’t, the harness will be smaller.

Step 3

Cut the wire and shape it into a circle. If this is too complicated for you, you can buy just rings.

Arts-and-KORAfts-5 Arts-and-KORAfts-6

Step 4

After you have connected the whole harness with pins, insert the ring. If you don’t like harness with the ring skip step 3 and 4.


Step 5

At the points where the elastic band crosses, sew them together. If you have a sewing machine, use it. If you don’t have it, you can sew by hand and the quality will be the same.


Step 6

If you like it, you can decorate your harness with spikes. I used spikes with an flat bottom, so I needed a hot glue. Place the spakes to the desired spots.


Now you have your own harness. Enjoy it.


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