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ARTS AND KORAFTS/DIY Halloween headwear

by Metal Jacket

It’s finally Halloween, the happiest time of the year.

Unfortunately at this time of the pandemic we do not have the opportunity to go out to clubs like we have all these years. If we gather, it will be in the homes of our friends or outside. So how can we show the Halloween spirit if we are in our coats? Simply, our heads will become our costumes.

But how to look good in such a situation?

I will put on my makeup and a headwear with horns, so if you have no idea what to do, you can follow my example. The internet is full of ideas and photos of different headwears, find what you like and try to craft it. I will try to simplify how to make a headwear with horns which can serve as an example of how to craft something similar. 

So let’s start.

Step one

You will need: Scissors, headband, scissors, wire, hot glue, spray, sponge.


Step two

Draw on the sponge the shape of the horns you like. You can use an ordinary pencil. For a start it is enough to draw only one horn.


Step three

After you cut out the horn, place it on a sponge and redraw the silhouette.


Step four

You now have both horns cut out of the sponge. Using scissors cut piece by piece out to get a cylindrical horn shape. For example I also photographed the waste to get an idea of ​​how tiny these pieces are.

DIY-headwear-horns-8 DIY-headwear-horns-9
DIY-headwear-horns-10 DIY-headwear-horns-11

Step five

After you have cut and got the desired shape, use a scissor as a knife and scrape off any uneven lines to make the horn smooth.

DIY-headwear-horns-12 DIY-headwear-horns-13

Step six

To get the most realistic horn shape, tie the thread to the beginning of the horn and spiral it to the end. Feel free to tie more tightly to make the folds as visible as possible.

DIY-headwear-horns-16 DIY-headwear-horns-18

Step seven

Once you get the desired shape of both horns, you can also thread the wire inside to make it easier to maneuver the shape. Spray the horns with desired color. I chose black color. Spray somewhere outside your home to reduce the possibility of spraying something you don’t want to.


Step eight

First use hot glue to attach the horns to the headband, after the glue is cold down cut a patch the size of the beginning of the horns. Sew it all together.  This way you will cover the traces of gluing and your work will look more beautiful.

DIY-headwear-horns-22 DIY-headwear-horns-27


Step nine

If you want, use a wire to make a forehead accessory. I decided to decorate it with a small pentagram.

DIY-headwear-horns-33 DIY-headwear-horns-31 DIY-headwear-horns-37

Step ten

If you want you can add anything, chains, pendants, textiles … All that matters is that you like it. I decided to stop here because in this way I can reshape my horns very easily whenever I want, and achieve other effects with makeup.

DIY-headwear-horns-39 DIY-headwear-horns-40

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