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The history of the choker necklace goes back hundreds of years.

There have been many types of chokers worn during this time and for different reasons. But the style in which it has been worn, close fitting against the neck, has remained the same since it first came into existence.

During the 1860s, choker necklaces were regarded as ornamentation that was limited to prostitutes. Maybe because of that, today they are related to BDSM.

The big comeback for chockers was in the 90s, everybody wore them when they were in fashion and forgot about them as soon as that trend ended, but in the alternative fashion they survived.

Chockers can be made of a variety of materials, including velvet, plastic, latex, leather, metal… I will show you how to make an simple chocker made of eco leather.

So let’s star.

Step 1:

You will need: eco leather tape, metal “O“ ring, jewerly, chain, pliers, clasps and some spikes.


Step 2:

Measure the width of the neck and cut the tape. Be careful not to cut too short. If you plan to put “O“ ring, consider its width.


Step 3:

Place the “O“ ring in between two cutted leather tapes and determine the width of the loop, sew it slightly wider than the width.

Sew in this way if you are using a sewing machine, if you sew by hand, you can sew the leather tape with the “O“ring at its position.


Step 4:

This step is only for you who have sewn with a sewing machine. Gently dissolve the ring with pliers and insert it inside the loop. After the ring is inserted, use the pliers to return the ring to its original form.


Step 5:

Attach at the ends of the tape clasps.


Step 6:

On your chocker manually sew the chains to the desired position. Use pliers to cut the chain, and as always, measure twice, cut once. If you want, you can add spikes, jewerly, rings, chain or any other accessories.


I also made this chocker for more ideas. The technique is the same.

And now you have your own chocker, enjoy it.


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