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by Metal Jacket
Arts and KORAfts

We are living in a world in which it is very easy to buy anything. Sometimes prices are too high for us, but we can still manage to get the same article for a lower price. The same principle is with albums, we just go to YouTube and play some band or we just download a torrent with a full discography because we liked just one song. 20 or 30 years ago when we bought an album, listened to it and knew every guitar solo and every song. And then we bought next album because we liked that band and we knew that our money was well invested.

Don’t get me wrong, we still have our favorite bands and we know all their albums and important concerts. But let’s be honest, we all have a lot of discographies on our hard drives only because we liked a few songs so it was just easier to download everything.

Maybe because of that we are losing a little bit of our metal subculture, maybe because of that we don’t appreciate all the things that we have.

So my idea is to show you how you can easily craft something and taste that old-school feeling.

I will show you how to make a very simple bag with a band logo. You can also apply this technique on almost everything you want to be “more metal” (t-shirts, old sheets for band flags, furniture, walls, etc.)

So let’s start.

Step one

You will need: Scissors, scalpel, marker, paint spray, paper, and, in my case, a tote bag.


Step two

If you are good at drawing, just draw the band logo on a sheet of paper and if you think that you aren’t good enough, print it. I recommend thin paper because it is simpler to cut.

When you cut the logo, pay attention to what you cut. We are using a technique with a template, so everything that you cut out will be painted.


Step three

Put your tote bag on any horizontal surface, flatten it, and put your paper stencil over the bag. Spray it, but be careful, you need to hold your spray at an angle of 90 degrees so the paint doesn’t splash under the paper. Wait for one minute and then gently remove the paper. If you want to add or correct something, use a waterproof marker.

Arts-and-KORAfts-7 Arts-and-KORAfts-8

Step four

Now you have a new bag. If you want, you can add spikes, rivets, maybe a few more bands, etc. In my case I drew a ghostly shadow of the 1986 album logo.



Made by Koraljka Karabotić-Milovac  

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