Home News Artillery released video for third single “Pain”!

Artillery released video for third single “Pain”!

by Ivona Bogner

November 16th – next week Friday – sees Artillery release their new album “The Face Of Fear” which is the successor to “Penalty By Perception” from 2016.

The Danes have now launched the 3rd single taken off the album.

Comments guitarist Michael Stützer:

The story behind ‚”Pain” is a true story, about an alcoholic who was never listening to his friends or family when they tried to make him stop and quit drinking. And when he got to the point where he realized himself he had to stop it was too late and there was no way out anymore. The video for ‚”Pain” was recorded in Kolding and Randers by Morten Madsen (MSM production) who also directed our previous videos for ‚”Legions” and ‚”Live by the Scythe”.

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