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ARTAMENE Sign With Wormholedeath & Announce “Ziggurat”

by Metal Jacket

Iranian Thrash Metal Warriors ARTAMENE have signed with Wormholedeath Records a licensing deal for their new album “Ziggurat” due for release on January the 21st, 2022.

Band Statement: “Artamene are extremely honored and excited for being part of WormholeDeath family. We have high hopes for continued success here. Long live Metal!”

1.Infinite Escape
2.Fear Of Darkness
3.Heavy Motion
5.Shining Black 
7.Rain Of Paradise

In a world in which mankind struggles with depression, betrayal, fear, and darkness,waiting for a savior to lead their way to utopia, their lives perish in empty hope. They sacrifice their lives on each step of the infinite Ziggurat staircase to keep motion in this mayhem until they reach salvation and the rain will wash their suffering away.Let your hearts shine through this blackened earth and set out on the difficult path of breaking barriers and scaling the cliffs of prejudice.

This album starts with “Infinite Escape” which describes a man who is hopeless with no will to continue so he took the risk to see what tomorrow brings for him and came out of his lonesome but the fear still remains as the second track which is called “Fear of Darkness” begins. darkness still wants to bring him back so he has to deal with the chaotic world if he doesn’t want to be the man he used to be, and that’s how the third track “Heavy Motion” begins. he has to continue his journey through the flames and the fire and save his anger for doomed men of freedom. at this stage, revenge becomes easy when they want you to be destroyed, so that what we are talking

about in track number four “Mayhem”.”Shining Black” is the next one which is an instrumental track that resonates the feeling of all we have seen and felt through this journey till now. We are at the top we have reached “Inshushinak” god of the dead and the world beneath just like Hadith the ancient Greek god, but he is a god from ancient Shush an area in Iran. now we have seen everything. we are at the top of the world and it’s time to fall down and join the almighty Inshushinak. The death is near! and that’s how the two next track at the end of the album begins, “Rain of Paradise”and “Petrichor”. It’s time for rebirth, a new life, a new start. and that’s how life goes on. Ziggurat is based on Iranian ancient mythology which we tried to show human life in the era that we are living, especially ourselves as an Iranian metal band who are labeled as satan worshipers and accused as an anti-cultural wave and relate it to the storyline which was told.

Line Up:
Pedram Shitrah/Lead Guitar/Founder
Pooya Shitrah/Drums/Founder
Ali Karimi/Rhythm Guitar
Soheil Avakh/Vocal
Yahya Rahmani/Bass Guitar

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