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Armageddon released the video for “Demon Hunter (St. Gerasimos)” 

by Metal Jacket

After three long years of composing and recording, despite the current situation, straight from Germany, Armageddon present their new release “Master of Peace”on vinyl!

On the A Side, (Dark Side Of Krsman), Miloš Krsmanović sings the main vocals in the compositions:

1. “Kill the Leader”
2. “Just One Bullet”
3. “Vampire Queen (Dracula’s Bride)”

On the B Side (Dark Side Of Shandor) Zoran Šandorov sings the main vocals in the compositions:

1. “Demon Hunter (St. Gerasimos)” 
2. “Freedom Call” 
3. “Annabel Lee (Dark Elegy)” 

Besides already mentioned Miloš Krsmanović and Zoran Šandorov, also participated following vocalists:
Miodrag Fodora (guest rock vocalist in the song “Demon Hunter”),
Wanda Marijanski (mezzo-soprano),
Vesna Varagić (soprano),
Marko Skendžić (tenor),
Željko Andrić (bass-baritone),
Vladimir Zorijan (bass),
Đorđe Letić (backing rock vocals, falsetto vocals and narrator).

As guest musicians participated:
Sasa Frisch (Pero Deformero) – solo guitars in the songs: “Just One Bullet” (first and third part of the solo section), “Freedom Call” (entire solo section) and “Annabel Lee” (third part of the solo section),
Vladimir Garčević (Claymorean) – solo guitar in the song “Annabel Lee” (second part of the solo section),
Rasa Miljic (Thundersteel) – solo guitar in the song “Kill The Leader” (middle part of the solo section),
Aleksa Penić – cello in the song “Annabel Lee”,
Processing Laćarac – creative tips for bass guitar arrangement,
Predrag Drobnjak “Boldi” (Supernova) – support and creative ideas for drums,

On the “Master of Peace” also participated following musicians:
Nikola Malivuk – solo guitar in the song “Vampire Queen” (second part of the solo section),
Nebojsa Bjeletic “Blankets” – bass guitar in the songs: “Kill The Leader”, “Just One Bullet”, “Vampire Queen” and “Demon Hunter”,
Dejan Ćetković “Garbage” – drum support,
Đorđe Letić – all rhythm guitars, acoustic Spanish and 12-string guitar, solo guitars in songs: “Kill The Leader ”(introduction, first and third solo section), “Just One Bullet” (middle solo section), “Vampire Queen” (introduction and first solo section), “Demon Hunter” (all solo guitars) and “Annabel Lee” (first part of the solo section); keyboards and orchestration, bass guitar in the songs “Freedom Call” and “Annabel Lee”, drum pads, drum programs, percussion and sound effects.

The music and lyrics are written by Đorđe Letić, except for the song by Annabel Lee, which is the work of Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849).

Album is released by Tmina Records (Novi Sad, Serbia) and SoulPeddler (Germany), with the logistical support of the Agency V.I.T.R.I.O.L. (Futog, Novi Sad).

Csaba Nemeth deigned the artwork, and on this cover. By tradition, a century old human skull is included.

As an exclusive, in the extended version of the song “Annabel Lee” are inserted the original sounds of the bells from 1865. and the organ from 1890, which are located in the Christian Reformed Church in Novi Sad.

The material was recorded from 2017 to 2020 under the strict control of Vladimir Perović (Studio Alfa, Novi Sad).

The cameramen were: Vladimir Perović, Ljiljana Mandić and Dušan Živanović.

The final production is signed by Vladimir Perović and Đordje Letić.

Armageddon recorded the videos for each song! The five lyric videos are made as an idea of already mentioned Csaba Nemeth (art concept) and Rastko Perišić (video editing).

The video “Demon Hunter” (as well as all Armageddon concerts) was recorded and edited by Dušan Brković and Jovana Milanko.

The photo on the inlay is signed by Zoran Dejanović who immortalized most of the band’s live performances.

The vinyl will cost around 10€, so all those interested in this masterpiece can afford it. The luxury vinyl includes: black vinyl, with black paper bag, lined with nylon, with the addition of four sides of inlay (photo, lyrics and technical data), in full color, on 300-gram glossy paper, digital printed, due to more intense colors.

Due to local patriotism, only Novi Sad residents will have the privilege to view, listen to and buy the record in shop “Mungos”, in Zmaj Jovina Street, and everyone else can order it through Tmina Records or directly through the Armageddon web site, or Facebook page.


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