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Apocalyptica armed with the new album on the way to Zagreb

by Vedrana Dobrić

The known sweethearts of the Croatian metal audience are coming to Zagreb this winter! Thanks to Los Angeles Agency, we have another chance to spend a magical evening with the amazing four cellos Apocalyptica. Mark your calendars on the 20th of January 2020, Tvornica kulture is the place to be!

Also, Apocalyptica is hitting the road on the 17th of January with Sabaton and they’re immediately taking a little detour to perform a solo concert just for us. Two birds with one stone, huh? We get to see Apocalyptica and we get to not see Sabaton!

But before the whole ceremony starts, they released the eighth studio album “Cell-0”, which followed a four-year break between albums that gave them a fresh perspective and affected the way they approached new music. The first instrumental album in 17 years sees their return to the roots. It challenges them to discover new flavours and colors in their respective instruments. 

The band explained:

It is tough to express without lyrics, but in “Cell-0”, we found particles of our universe previously unknown to us. Millions of notes combine to create music just as millions of cells combine to create life, and when you visualize the whole thing, similar patterns appear.

Produced by Apocalyptica, mixed by Andrew Scheps (RHCP, Lana Del Ray, Metallica, Black Sabbath), and recorded at Sonic Pump Studios in Helsinki, they approached “Cell-0” as a fully formed piece of art, connecting the right details and hues with the energy of being a real cello-metal band as proves the title song below!

These masters of the craft have visited Croatia many times and played at some exciting venues like the Roman amphitheatre in Pula or the Vatroslav Lisinki classical concert hall in Zagreb. These performances were surely enchanting but I’m looking forward to a proper club gig with a more rugged vibe. So check Wiki for more!

Rather run for the ticket until it runs out! You can still grab it at Dirty Old Shop, Rockmark or Aquarius CD Shop in Zagreb or the Dallas Music Shop in Rijeka. Any Eventim location also works, you can even shop online and print it at home. There’s no excuse to be left hanging! I’ll see you at the Tvornica kulture to scream for the silent!

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