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Angelmeat E-zine #4 is out now!

by Miloš Šebalj

November 30th, 2018 brought us a brand new issue of Angelmeat E-zine. Inside the fourth one, you can find nicely conducted interviews with Monstrosity, Aeternus, Seance, Kromorth, Cist, Lucifer’s Child, Zealot Cult, Hostia, Psychotomy, Valdrin and Witch King. The issue is enriched by a big number of reviews.

Starting with this one, Angelmeat, run by a veteran Serbian headbanger Milan Dobrosavljevic (of Sacramental Blood fame), is co-edited by Haris Hasancevic, also known for his efforts in Bosnian bands Agonize, After Oblivion and Mefistofeles. Adding to this, two more contributors were involved with reviewing albums. Igor Zivic, editor of Pits of Utumno zine and Milos Sebalj, from Serbian band Kolac, Metal Jacket Magazine and Ciklonizacija blog.

Like the previous issue, you can download this one as well. Check the download link here.

For further information, contact and promo submission, send an e-mail to angelmeatzine@yahoo.com or send a message to their Facebook page www.facebook.com/angelmeatpromo.

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