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ANDREW W.K. Premieres New Single + Video for “BABALON”

by Metal Jacket

At the beginning of February 2021, Napalm Records and the inimitable God of Partying, ANDREW W.K., announced the impending release of a massive new single, “Babalon”, that new single is officially released and available worldwide (listen/order here), in both physical and digital formats, with an accompanying music video.

On the “Babalon” track, ANDREW W.K.’s path of partying takes a sharp left-hand turn, making for a triumphant and explosive new showcase for his prowess as a multi-instrumentalist. Swinging drums and a sinister guitar riff open the song’s heavenly gates, veering into organ-driven, hermetical verses. This enormous sonic conquest descends like an angel, lowered by W.K.’s rich and dynamic vocal delivery, that at last builds up to a spine-tingling climax – leaving Andrew’s partiers clamoring for more.

When asked to comment on the Babalon” music video, the project’s conceptual director, Michael R.C., offered the following: “With ‘Babalon’, we wanted the audience to slink back down Andrew’s tower and storm the gateway to the city of pyramids with him, or someone who looks like him. We had all been working really hard to lay thee gagging monster down, so it would dwell forever in the chasm of frivolous forming. All these images come from there, from where it’s going. That’s where we put Andrew.”

He added: “Consciousness hasn’t opened reality, only nightmares. Zone-out now.”

ANDREW W.K. Photograph by Michael R.C.

ANDREW W.K. online:

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