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Altaria presents their brand new lyric video for “Without Warning”

by Metal Jacket

Today Finlands melodic metal heros ALTARIA release their sixth studio album “Wisdom” via Reaper Entertainment. Produced by the band themselves and recorded in their own studio, “Wisdom” convinces with catchy melodies, driving riffs and distinctive vocals. 

To celebrate the release the band presents their brand new lyric video for “Without Warning”  The song and the album is available on every major streaming platform now.

Tony states: Our guitarist Petri Aho and I originally wrote this song for another mutual project, but it turned out to have such an Altaria feel to it, that we decided to make it into an Altaria song as well. Straightforward tune with a chorus that is hard to forget. The lyrics are pretty dark and circles around the theme that everything can turn upside down in an instant. Still, I’d like to consider myself a positive person, so even though the lyrics are dark, it’s good to remember that everything can also change for the better without warning as well!

The track list for “Wisdom” reads as follows:
1. Wisdom
2. Diablo rojo
3. Without warning
4. Kissed by the flames
5. Power to heal
6. Sometimes
7. Victory of winter
8. History of times to come (2022)
9. Lost in time
10. Crimson rain

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