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Alogia and Mark Boals building the walls of “Semendria”!

by Strahinja Rupnjak

Alogia‘s heavy metal and Balkan etno music journey continues. They will release a song “Semendria” with Mark Boals, one of the best Yngwie Malmsteen’s vocalists!

Mark Boals has performed more than 40 albums during his career as a lead vocalist, with many Gold and Platinum awards worldwide, along with doing various tours worldwide, with such notables as Dokken, Ted Nugent, Yngwie Malmsteen, Uli Jon Roth, Royal Hunt, and many more.

Also, you can hear some of the classical instruments in “Semendria” like fife and flute which are played by two sweethearts – Neda Nikolić and Sanda Mašić. Just check out the link below!

Alogia’s frontman, Srđan Branković, commented for Headliner magazine:

The song is inspired by the legend about the mystic despot Jerina Branković. The title of the song is the old name for Smederevo and that is “Semendria”.

Otherwise, Mark has always been one of my favorite singers, not only because of the working Yngwie Malmsteen, but because of side-bands, including great guitar players like Tony MacAlpine, Doug Aldrich and many others. 

Mark loves the whole idea and he thinks the song is made for him.

Alogia have relesaed the video with Fabio Lione, to0. And if you didn’t yet – watch it!

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