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Adrian Benegas releases new lyric video ft. Herbie Langhans

by Ivona Bogner

After the quarantine video for “The Revenant”, Adrian Benegas releases another dose of his music. Paraguayan metal composer Adrian Benegas is pleased to share a new lyric video for his ballad titled “A Change of Heart” with German vocalist Herbie Langhans (Firewind, Avantasia, Radiant).

When speaking about the song and the accompanying music video, keyboardist and composer Adrian Benegas comments:

“A Change of Heart” has the essence of the album “The Revenant”. The nuances used in this song, along with the arrangements I made here basically shows the style of music you will find on my album (some classical arrangements, drama, light and darkness), apart from that, this is a very special song, one of my favorites from the album as it has a very deep meaning to me. I am very proud to present this lyric video and to share with everyone a little more of my art.

On this song is worth to mention too the participation of Paraguayan guitarist/producer César DaCosta, contributing the guitar solos, which can be heard in the interludes of the song. And mixing and mastering by Grammy-nominated Danish producer Jacob Hansen.

The lyric video was made by Paraguayan motion artist Santiago Cabrera, currently residing in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

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