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A-Z Release New Music Video for “At the Waters Edge” Off Self-Titled Debut

by Metal Jacket

A-Z, the new band formed by Fates Warning icons Ray Alder and Mark Zonder, has released a new music video for the track “At The Waters Edge” off of the band’s self-titled, debut album that came out on August 12, 2022.

Drummer and founding member Mark Zonder had this to say about “At The Waters Edge”: “[This is] one of the earlier songs that Viv and I wrote. I always envisioned that the heavy driving part would be the chorus and the kind of reggae softer groove would be the verse. But part of the specialness of this album is that Ray did what he thought sounded best on his own without getting instruction from anyone and kind of flipped the parts around thus creating a very magical special song. The consistent theme and motto of the band is to have everyone contribute creatively with their own style.

The band’s name came courtesy of Alder – A-Z = Alder thru Zonder – and it fit straight away. “What I liked is that it did not limit what someone would think of the band. If we named the band Scary Serpent it would give a certain direction and I did not want people to prejudge the band and record,” Zonder says. Likewise, self-titling the record made sense. “I did not want to give a direction idea to the audience. If we named the album Far Side of the Horizon, people would probably think ‘prog band’. But if you named it The Machine Gunner, it would give a totally different direction for thought.”

For artwork, wanting to again get the best possible contributor, they turned to the famed Hugh Syme (RushFates Warning), who delivered the vivid image of a zebra eating an apple, encompassing the band name in a sly way. “Again, hire the best people you can find and just let them do what they do. The artwork is absolutely fantastic and really fits the whole concept. He is truly the best. Just a great guy to work with.

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