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A unique enviroment for 3000 metalheads at 70000 Tons of Metal part 1 (croatian/english version)

by Vjeran

70000Tons of Metal

About a month ago the Independece of the seas got to be the arena for 120 metalshows with a total attendance of about 3000 metalhead. With 60 metalbands from all over the world and metalheads gathering up for a luxurious trip back and forth to Falmouth, Jamaica. Crossing the open seas and cruising around Cuba to end up in the destination port after 2 days on this huge cruiseship. So for 4 days in the beginning of february this year, 70000 tons of metal were the place to be…. 

Coming in with the taxi to the port-area of Fort Lauderdale and from a long distance away, i instantly get the eyes on this gigantic cruiser, which just getting more and more interesting as closer i get. Just outside the taxi there is people taking care of your luggage for deliverance to the cabin the same evening, a great service for those who does´nt want to drag it or carry it through the unfortunate big lines you have to pass just to get on the ship. Apperantly a lot of regular customers of 70000 tons of metal were happy though that they had made the que-systems for getting onboard a lot more afficient. I was hearing rumours about people standing in different lines for 2-3 hours last year just to get onboard, so this year i planned to get to the terminal very early, i still 1 (8 of 8)had to wait 1-2 hours in line though…

Instantly when i got onboard i had to cross the whole cruiser to get to the cabin, the best way was to go through the ”promenade”- walk .. walking thrue the ”Promenade” i glans at a 24 hour cafe, Ben and Jerry ice-cream shop, a irish pub with a great selection of bottled beer from all around the world. Ending up with a pizza-place that were open 24 hours. Among the food and beer shops on the promenade there are some shopping to be done for those who are interested about jewlerys, watches and some different types of souvenirs for example. Well… on this cruise it looked like most of the shops were quite empty with customers, but the pub and pizza place were on the other hand very popular.

There is no shortage of things to do on the boat, and most of the activities are included in the price. If we take the elevator a few stories up, we end up on the 10th floor and the half open air pool area with a smaller pool.. I was about to write ”where children could play” but forgot for a second that there is 3000 (commonly a bit drunk) metalheads that are the guest for this event…. Well i think you can imagine the scenery how it looked like. For those who wanted to relax a bit, there are two big hottubs fitting about 12 people each easily. In this area there are a lot of sun-beds both in the shades and in the sun, and as this cruise is filled with events for almost 20 hours a day it could be good to have the positibility to just take a powernap in a sunbed in the shade. Next to this pool area there is the roof top open air stage but i get to that one later.

One floor up from this area and on the back/middle of the boat, you will find a well equiped arcade-hall, with all the things you normally find in a arcade-hall, and probably a bit more. We take the stairs a couple of floors down and start to find the real food places, the included buffet that is open most hours of the day. Here you can big selection of asian, american and italian styled cooking, among other food cultures, the variety is massive and whatever food you like you should be able to find whatever suits you for the moment, if not? There is other options on-board. For starters you have two other restaurants in the same area as the1 (4 of 26) buffet, but these ones are managed by companies that rents there spot on-board and you have to pay extra for this food… but perhaps for a grade A steak or some quality italian cuisine, its well worht it? But we are in a luxurious ship, so why not try a dinner in a 5-star service restaurant? It is included in the cruise-price so why not do the most of it? Coming in to this 2 floor restaurant, one gorund floor and one balcony floor, which on this event is reserved for the VIP/bands, but that will be open for the public if the ground floor is full. This restaurant features table service and a ”a la carte”-menu, so why not munch into two appetizers or pehaps a steak on the side with your steak… in the end it is included. The scenery with this luxurious restaurant with a huge crystal-lamp in the middle of the room , and full with black dressed metalheads is just a view itself. The staff are still working as proffesional as they can, even though i can imagine they are not used to serving this type of guest.. but it is a big party going on and people are cheering and being quite loud, but still itś a very cheerful place to have dinner, and there is a good way and a good chance to meet new fun people , as you get placed next to others if the restaurant is full. If you feel like having your dinner alone, well why not order room-service which is open all night and day, with a selection of different snacks and meals. So for the ticket price there is several options to fin find good meals withouth paying extra, unfortunately you will have to pay for the beer.

So do you feel lucky? …well do you? … if so you can join the 4th floor casino, which provide you with most of the casino games there is and a nice selectino of slot-machines.

During the days on-board you can find a basketball court, adventure golf area, or if you prefer regular golf, you can find a golf simulator on the Independence of the seas… Surf´s up? Well let´s see if you are a good surfer or not and try the surf-simulator.

There is probably a lot more stuff to do on the boat, but there is no room to explain it all, as i don´t want to bore you. But to get to the conclusion, metalshows or not onboard, you will have a full schedule for almost every minute onboard

The stage-scenery for the rooftop open air stage and just 15 metres from the stage you can spot a big hottub in the middle of the crowd-area, which there was always a party going on in, on this cruise this hottub is nothing you go to have a relaxed time in, as there was always water splashing, people jumping around in it and even some mosh-pits accured in it as well. This ”arena”(yes i have to call it a arena) was a unique view it self. In front of the stage there was a area that were at least 160-200 square metres for the crowd to stand at. A bit further away from the stage there was a stair and ”balconys” where people could stand and watch the 70000Tons of Metalshows more relaxed, and for those who prefered to be closer to the bar in this area.

There were in total 4 areas for shows on this cruise and 3 three of them were really great for shows. The biggest one looks like a theatre, and it is built for putting on theatrical shows and broadway shows on normal cruises. This one have room for probably 1500 -2000 people in the crowd and from every seat you have a great view to the stage. It have one floor for the standing people, just one-two metres up there is a seating area and even one floor up you´ll find another seating area. So wheather or not you will be in the front or just want to enjoy a drink in relaxed mode you were always able to find a spot to enjoy the show.

The second biggest indoor arena, which normally is used for ice-shows therefore called the ”ice-rink”, fortunate they had melted down the ice, or at least covered it, with a floor, so it wasn´t slippery cause of the ice anyway. This arena have seating areas on the 3 out of 4 sides of the venue, and a floor for about 600-700 people standing. I can imagine this arena have a capacity to have 1500-2000 people attending the concerts for this type of cruise. This arena served great close shows when it was full, in my opinion my favorite stage.

With these three incredible good stages they tried to fit one more in, which in my opinion felt a bit unneccesary exaggerated. The smallest stage, called ”The pyramid stage”. With the stage only 20-30 centimetres up from the floor made it almost impossible to see a show if you weren´t in the front 5 rows of the shows. Of course, this was the venue for the smallest bands to perform one of their two shows on-board, but even for the smallest bands on-board, this area was not good enough to see their shows fairly.

But in total, 3 really good stages and one a bit worse makes the musical scenery of this boat really impressive. And as all the bands play two shows and on two different stages, you can always skip the show on the smaller stage to get a better  view of the same band on a other stage

So this was me describing the scenery of the boat, soon there will be another piece coming up here on Metal jacket magazine, with more music- and adventure -influenced storys

 Written by : Rickard Olkerud
Foto by: Delaynne Grillo, Rickard Olkerud & Robin Eriksson

Jedinstveno mjesto za 3000 metalaca na 70 000 tona metala

Prije negdje mjesec dana brod Independece of the seas postao je prostor za 120 metal koncerata sa sveukupnom prisutnosti od otprilike 3000 metalaca. Sa 60 bendova sa svih strana svijeta i metalaca okupljenih na ovom luksuznom putovanju do Falmoutha, Jamajke i nazad. Ploveći otvorenim morem krstareći oko Kube da bismo završili u odredišnoj luci nakon dva dana na ovoj ogromnoj krstarici. Stoga tijekom četiri dana u početku veljače ove godine, 70 000 Tons of metal je bilo mjesto za poželjeti.

Dolazeći taksijem do luke Fort Lauderladea još iz daljine mogao sam vidjeti ovu ogromnu krstaricu koja je postajala sve zanimljivija što smo više bili blizu.  Odmah izvan taksija je bilo ljudi koji su spremali prtljagu za polazak iste večeri, odlična služba za one koji se ne žele zamarati s dugim redovima kakvi znaju općenito biti.  Navodno dosta regularnih posjetitelja su bili sretni što su napravili que-sistem čime se možeš ukrcati puno lakše i brže. Čuo sam glasine kako su ljudi prošle godine u različitim redovima čekali dva do tri sata samo da se ukrcaju stoga su ove godine krenuli s ukrcavanjem puno ranije. Svejedno, meni je trebalo sat-dva.

Istog trenutka kada sam se ukrcao morao sam proći cijelu krstaricu da dođem svoje kabine. Najbolji način je bio kroz promenadu,70000Tons of Metal vidio sam kafić koji je otvoren 24 sata, Ben and Jerry slastičarnicu, Irski pub s odličnom selekcijom piva iz svih dijelova svijeta. Među hranom i pićem na promenadi se također moglo naći trgovine sa nakitom, ručnim satovima i raznih suvenira, mada su ti štandovi često stajali prazni dok su pubovi i pizzerie bile dosta popunjene.

Ništa nije falilo na brodu i dosta aktivnosti su bile uključene u cijenu same karte. Ako bismo uzeli dizalo nekoliko katova više, na desetom katu se nalazi poluotvorena prostorija s manjim bazenom. Došlo mi je napisati da je ovo prostorija za djecu ali sjetio sam se da je ovdje 3000 metalaca koji će više-manje biti pijani stoga možete zamisliti na što to izgleda. Za one koji se žele opustiti, ima dvije velike vruće kade u kojima može stati do 12 osoba. U toj prostoriji također ima mnogo ležaljki pod suncem i u hladu i imajući u obzir da je krstarica popunjenim događajima koji sveukupno traju negdje dvadesetak sati nije loša ideja odmoriti se u hladu. Odmah do prostorije s bazenom se nalazi open air bina, ali o tome ću malo kasnije.

Kat gore te na kraju i u sredini broda se nalazi dobro opremljeni arcade-hall sa svim stvarima koje možete naći u takvim mjestima i vjerojatno i više. Uzmemo li stepenice par katova niže  možemo naći mjesta gdje prave pravu hranu, što uključuje švedski stol koji je otvoren skoro cijeli dan. Ima veliki odabir azijske, američke i talijanske kuhinje, među ostalim kulinarskim kulturama izbor je masivan i koju god hranu tražili vjerojatno biste ju ovdje našli. Ima i drugih izbora na brodu, dva restorana na istom mjestu gdje je i švedski stol ali ovi su vođeni  od kompanija koje plaćaju iznajmljivanje njihovih mjesta na brodu stoga treba dodatno platiti za njihovu hranu, ali za prvoklasni odrezak ili kvalitetnu talijansku kuhinju zašto ne bi probali ručak u restoranu od pet zvjezdica? Ulazeći u ovaj restoran od dva kata, jedan je na prizemlju a drugi je na balkonu koji je za ovaj event rezerviran za VIP i članove bendova ali može biti otvoreno za ostale ako je prizemlje puno. Ovaj restoran ima uslugu nazvanu ”a la carte” (po karti) meni koji znači izbor jela s jelovnika od strane gosta.

Biti u ovom luksuznom restoranu sa ogromnim kristalnim lusterom u sredini i vidjeti kako je puno od metalaca u crnome je stvarno ambijent za vidjeti. Osoblje je i dalje profesionalno, mada mogu zamisliti da se nisu navikli posluživati ovakve goste, ali ljudi su veseli i glasni te dobro je mjesto za ručak kao i za upoznavanje novih ljudi jer je velika mogućnost da ćete sjesti pored ostalih budući da je restoran većinom pun. Ako ipak želite jesti sami, možete naručiti room-service koji radi 24 sata sa izborom različitih grickalica i obroka. Stoga sa cijenom uključenom u karti, ima dosta izbora da se nađe dobra hrana bez dodatnog plaćanja, ali nažalost, morat će te platiti pivo iz svoga džepa.

Za one koji se osjećaju sretnima mogu otići na četvrti kat gdje se nalazi kasino koji sadržava većinu igara koja kasina imaju te dobar izbor automata za kockanje.

Možete također naći košarkaško igralište, prostor za adventure golf ili ako preferirate običan golf, možete naći golf simulator na brodu među kojima se nalazi i simulator za surfanje.

Ima vjerojatno još toliko stvari na brodu ali nemam mjesta da sve objasnim ali da zaključim sa metal koncertima ili bez njih, imali biste pun raspored za gotovo svaku minutu ovdje.

70000Tons of MetalBina- ambijent za krovnu binu na otvorenom je zanimljiv, 15 metara od bine možete vidjeti veliku vruću kupku u sredini prostorije za publiku gdje se uvijek neki party odvija stoga ovdje nema šanse da se opustite jer stalno se odvija prskanje vodom ili ljudi kako uskaču unutra skupa sa šutkama tijekom koncerata. U ovoj dvorani (da, moram ju tako nazvati) ima jedinstven pogled; ispred bine ima prostor veličine negdje 160-200 četvornih metara za publiku, a malo dalje od bine imaju stepenice i balkone da ljudi mogu stajati i promatrati koncerte u malo više opuštenijem okruženju i za one kojima je draže da budu bliže kafićima.

Ima sveukupno četiri prostorije za koncerte na krstarici i tri od njih su odlični za koncerte. Najveća je ima nalik na kazalište i bila je prvenstveno izgrađena za kazališne i broadway predstave tijekom ostalih putovanja. Ima mjesta da stane vjerojatno 1500 do 2000 osoba i sa svakog mjesta imate odličan pogled na binu. Ima jedan kat za stajanje i nešto niže se nalazi prostor za sjedenje kao i kat više. Stoga bez obzira biste li htjeli gledati koncert izbliza ili u više opuštenijem ambijentu promatrati uz piće možete naći mjesto i uživati u koncertu.

Druga najveća unutarnja dvorana, koje je inače korištena za predstave klizanja čime je nazvana ”ice-rink”. Srećom za nas nije bilo klizavo jer su vjerojatno otopili ili pokrili led. Ova dvorana ima mjesta za sjedenje na 3 do 4 strane mjesta i na katu ima mjesta za 600-700 ljudi za stajanje. Mogu zamisliti kako ova dvorana ima kapacitet da primi do 1500 do 2000 ljudi. Ovaj prostor sjajno služi za završne koncerte i meni je osobno najdraža bina.

Sa ove tri nevjerojatne bine probali su ugurati još jednu koja je prema mojem mišljenju pretjerivanje.

Najmanja bina pod nazivom ”The pyramid stage” je visine negdje 20-30 cm te je nemoguće je išta vidjeti dalje od petoga reda u publici. Naravno, ovo je mjesto namijenjeno za manje bendove da odrade jedno od dva nastupa na brodu, ali i za manje bendove  bina nije dovoljno dobra da se mogu vidjeti njihovi koncerti kako treba.

Ovo je moj opis ambijenta na brodu, uskoro će biti drugi dio ovdje na Metal Jacket Magazinu sa više glazbenih i avanturističkih priča i izvještaja.

Napisao: Rickard Olkerud
Foto: Delaynne Grillo, Rickard Olkerud & Robin Eriksson
Preveo i prilagodio na hrvatski: Tomislav Debelić

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